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Angel Dress Awesome Gift Set

RM 168.00

Angel Dress Limited Awesome Gift Set is now available in store   

- Pay only RM168 to get 3 item for your Size outfit

- Gift Set included of any 3 design of dresses or Top or Pant + Hello Angel Dress Shopping Bag

- Item is randomly pick by us (according to the size you selected) 

- Immediately enjoy FREE SHIPPING 

- Strictly no exchange or refund for this gift set purchase

*While Stock Last*

Angel Dress 限量版礼袋开放预售啦  (这活动是纯粹回馈我们的粉丝)

- RM168就可获得3件属于你Size的单品 (连衣裙 or 上衣 or 裤子 再加上我们精美的 Hello Angel Dress 的购物袋)

- 衣服的款式是随机发的,不能自行选款式   (但是我们都会帮你们选美美的配搭)

- 购买这个精美礼袋直接享有免运费服务

- 里面的商品一律不得退款或者换款式