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Vida Glow Collagen Liquid Advance

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Main ingredients

Natural marine collagen, B-BLEND4, Vitamin C, Manuka Honey , etc.

Efficacy of ingredients

Intensive collagen supplementation tightens the skin; compound antioxidants prevent collagen loss at the source; auxiliary factors support collagen regeneration.

Suitable crowd

Individuals aged 18 and above who face challenges like frequent late nights, high work pressure, tired-looking skin, collagen loss due to long-term weight loss, poor skin condition during menstruation, mature skin in need of advanced care, and post-medical aesthetics maintenance.

Unsuitable crowds

Not suitable for individuals allergic to fish, honey, or bee pollen.


Tear open and consume directly from sachet, take 1 sachet at a time and 1-2 sachets per day.

Storage method

Store below 25℃, away from direct sunlight

Product specifications

15 Sachets/box,12.4ml(15g)/sachet